The Mysterious Mindset of Goal Getting Package

Special Message:
Each November, I’ve conducted a seminar on Goal Getting, which has brought people face-to-face with all their fears and moved them forward. No matter where you are in life, this event, above all others, will change your entire life for the better, as it has changed so many peoples’ lives in the past. It will lift your horizons. Wait. MISSED IT! Well, we may be repeating it in the future; but, as of yet, we have no plans.

DON’T DESPAIR! You can get the video of the event along with the books and forms.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
      • Goal Setting Basics and guidelines
      • What do you really, really, really desire? – Your Wants
      • Where are you today? – Your Starting Point
      • Where do you want to be? – Your Destination – Your Goals
      • Why do you want your desires met? – Your Why – Your Purpose
      • How your conscious and subconscious minds work – Your mind game revealed
      • What are your numbers? – Your plan
      • How to design your life’s Journey – Your path
      • When? – Your Time-Management Schedule

Face it – You’re ready… to finally step up to have all that you desire.

People, just like you, have paid up to $2000 for this seminar in the past. (Today, you can get it for much less.) After putting the action steps into practice, attendees said in retrospect that the seminar was PRICELESS! It either changed the direction of their lives or moved them to take actions that got them to their goals much quicker.
      • You’ll receive the specially designed workshop guidebook to use during the event.
      • You’ll also get online access to all the forms & posters.
      • Also included — you’ll receive the 200+ page, in-depth, e-book with all the details.
      • Within weeks after the workshop you’ll be emailed a link and coupon code to receive the full, printed version of the book, which we’ll ship directly to your mailing address.
      • And…access to the complete video of the event.
      • PLUS! You get a $200 coupon to use for any ALKO course or event! So you effectively get this life-changing workshop FOR FREE!!
One person who didn’t know what goals meant and was new to real estate investing, set a ridiculous five-year goal during the workshop/seminar to own over 20 real estate rental units…He completed his goal within six months to-the-day, by having 22 units! Within the next few years he had over 10,000 units! This package is priced much lower than that $2000 that others in the past have paid. It is offered to you for the incredible price of only $597 per person. Sign up now and you’ll get the video along with the e-copy and hard copy of The Mysterious Mindset of Goal Getting 200-page Book, along with the course guidebook, forms, and posters!

Significantly change your life and be sure to gather your significant other, children and other family members. Invite your support team — friends, neighbors, colleagues. It’s time for you and yours to go for it!

The price is right – you need to take the action.
Take the leap.

DON’T let the pain part of my story be YOUR life

Learn from my mistakes and successes by joining me in our mutual success!

We support the U. S. Military Veterans Organizations and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Homes.

“I want to thank you for last Saturday’s Goal Getting workshop!”

Alan, you had my attention the whole way through as I appreciated your real life stories to drive your messages forward and illustrate the value of goal setting and focusing on the journey to get there.  I have been making my daily lists and actually lots of reflecting and soul searching as a result of this workshop.  I would say it has re-aligned my values and is pressure testing me to think differently.  I could go on and on as I am sure you know.  I did not want to let another day go by without sending you a DAILY THANK YOU!  Another simple task you challenged us to do…thanking people each day.  So simple, but we all can easily ride by these acts of kindness in the wake of other stuff. I wondered how I may help you moving forward with these workshops… something that could provide benefit to forging this program ahead. Lastly, I heard from xxxxxx that the next Goal setting workshop is xxxxxx.   My husband Txxx, my daughter Jxxxxxxxx (13yr old) and I will be attending.  Best, Jennifer” [Staff Note: Jennifer was a top executive in Bio-tech, salaried over $1mm, who totally changed the direction of her life after Alan’s “Millionaire Mindset of Goal-Getting” workshop/seminar, enjoying a much fuller life with her husband and three children, after leaving her job for a less demanding one.]

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