Here’s the place to dip your toe into
the knowledge pool of Real Estate Investing. 

With these courses, you get 1 to 2 hours of training and other information such as a presentation PDF.

The following courses are currently available.

 Everyone has to start somewhere

 Everyone can use a refresher

It begins with a dream

 With a plan,
it becomes Goal Setting

 With Action, 
it becomes


After Birth, Death is Inevitable…

Everything in between is Negotiable.

View on orange sunset, sun, blue sky, and ocean of clouds from airplane window.


Shouldn’t you know

how to do it like a pro?

Easy to do Wrong…

Everybody talks about them.

But very few investors truly understand how to properly invest in these highly profitable, well-paid transactions.

Easy to do Right
With the Correct Education

This course shows you
the basics about Foreclosures.

You can do it right…

When you learn how to interact in a likable, yet professional manner with tenants, you will love the problem-free, high cash-flows!

This course shows you how to do Property Management right!

or you can do it wrong.

Fundamental to determine Deal or No Deal…

…is determining the rehab costs!
What work needs to be done.
How much will it cost.

This course shows you the basics for Home Inspecting and Repair Cost Estimating.

Before you talk to the owner…

You should know everything about the the property and all the people associated with it.

This course shows you the basics for Researching Properties & People.

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The deal starts with…


No matter what your Real Estate Investing strategy is, you can’t implement it until you find a property.

This course provides the groundwork for Finding Property Leads.

We always hear about ‘creative financing’, but what does it mean? 

Buying properties with a Lease Option and ‘Subject To’ are two very profitable, creative methods.

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of how these strategies work.

When it comes to real estate financing there are always a bunch of questions.

Your questions and more are answered in an easy-to-understand manner, unraveling the mystery of financing.


There are countless ways to finance real estate. This two-hour introduction explains all the basics of the three types of financing groups:

1. Financial Institutions
2. Private Money Lenders
3. Creative Financing Methods

…and it gives you tips you can use right now to start calculating your financial future!

Learn more than most real estate agent and investors know!