Have you seen a sales tag-line like the one above?

Many people who want to learn how to make money in real estate pay too much and get too little.

Has this happened to you?

My team and I provide you with Real Knowledge, backed by Real Experience, that get you on the fast-track to making money with real estate. We provide:

  • A progressive approach to building solid wealth through learning, understanding and implementing.

  • Detailed courses & seminars with books and videos  specifically designed to ensure that you learn and easily use what you have learned.

We offer three solutions for you to get started immediately in real estate investing.
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Yours in Success, Alan David Kosinski

The most popular, most educational, most streamlined, and quickest way to begin making ‘BIG’ money in real estate is to sign up for our Wholesaling Real Estate Package.

This unique package includes four real estate investment courses, including books, videos and forms, to get you going quickly and professionally. (Include a partner, if you like!) 
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Your Price: Free

While you learn how we research properties, you get a part of the deal.

  • You get access to a core part of our process – Researching Properities. 

  • You use what you learn to research a property and birddog it to us. 

  • If the researched lead gets purchased, you get paid.

You will be learning as you help us process properties.

To learn more and apply,  click this link.

Your Price: Free

Birddog for Us (bring us leads on properties)

Simply find a property, fill out the Property Information Sheet (Form 701, found on our website) and send it to [email protected].

If we make money on the property, you will receive a ten percent finder’s fee (capped at a maximum of $2,000).

No cost for you, no education for you, but a possibility of making some money on lead generation.