Birddog Associate Application Packet

Prospective Birddog Associate Checklist

Greetings and Welcome to the ALKO Family,

You can join us in one of two different programs – our Birddog Associate Program or our Wholesaling Mentorship Program. We understand starting as a Birddog Associate might be more in line with your current situation. Know, however, that you can join our mentorship program at any time.

As we are about to enter into a formal business relationship with you as a Birddog Associate, we want to be sure that both of us have all the information needed for our mutual success. In this relationship, you will be bringing us researched property leads based on our methods and criteria. Understanding your goals and having all the documentation helps us to ensure a smooth relationship as we move ahead.

Therefore, we ask you to fill out and return the following documents:
      (Check the links to the right.)
   In My Desires Survey (Form 904)
   Investment Profile Questionnaire (Form 903)
   Your Skill Identifier (Form 103)
   Your Resume, if you choose
   Intern Pre-Hire Application (Form 105B)
       o Note that this application will be sent separately for electronic signature.

After we receive the above, you will be contacted for an interview date & time

   Interview (usually in person) We’ll discuss your skills & experiences and how to integrate those with ALKO job skills.

For government reporting compliance, please bring or send the following:
   Two forms of government ID. (See Form ALKO_109)
   Tax ID Number (Social Security Number or Employer ID Number)
   Photocopy, or send a pdf of the above prior, to the interview.

Membership Subscription
A continual active subscription to one of the following is suggested:
   ADK Insider Circle

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at [email protected].

We are looking forward to working with you far into the future.

Forward to Financial Freedom!
– Alan David Kosinski and Bill Haskell

Downloadable Forms

For each form,

  1. Download the form
        Information entered before downloading will be lost.
  2. Complete the form in Adobe Acrobat or print and fill out by hand.
  3. Email all three forms to [email protected].

PDF Fillable

Adobe Sign PDF

ALKO_105B Birddog Associate Application

This document will be sent to you for electronic signature upon receipt of the three forms above.